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Terms and Conditions

Sunshine Travel’s Booking commitment and contract:
An inquiry only becomes a valid booking when the deposit payment has been received.

Our properties are available to clients from 13.00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated on the day of departure by 12 noon. If flights arrive early or depart late we will try to see if these times can be extended, however we cannot guarantee this. If we cannot arrange extended times we will do our best to arrange somewhere for you to leave your bags and freshen up at no extra cost to you.

Accommodation Occupancy Limits
All of our properties sleep a maximum party size and this is stated on each property page. Over-occupancy in accommodation is only allowed after written confirmation from Sunshine Travel. If a party arrives at a property with more people than have been specified on the confirmed booking, our owner reserves the right to refuse entry or levy an extra charge that must be paid at the time.

Client Cancellation
If you have to cancel your holiday booking a cancellation charge will be calculated from the first working day after we have been formally notified by you:

•  60 days or more prior to your scheduled arrival date, your deposit only
•  60 to 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, the 80% of the total amount
•  30 to 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, the 100% of the total amount

Special Offers & Discounts
For properties that are available for arrivals within 14 days we often discount the price to attract late bookers. These properties may also carry other special offers such as a free hire car for other weeks of the season to give extra value to our clients. Once a property price is discounted for late bookers any other offers that may be attached to the property are no longer valid.

Air Conditioning Usage
due to high running costs of air conditioning and to help the environment, clients are requested to observe the following air conditioning usage terms and conditions: Windows and doors must be kept closed while units are on. Air conditioning must only be used when you are in the property and switched off when you leave. The units, being fan assisted, will very quickly cool your property on your return. Failure to observe the above, during your, holiday may result in the air conditioning units being disabled.

Accommodation Breakages and Respect :
It is your responsibility to pay for any breakages. If when you arrive, you notice a breakage please contact Sunshine Travel immediately informing them. We request that you respect your accommodation and in the even of serious abuse to your villa by any members in your party, you may be asked to leave. If any in your party cause problems to nearby properties in respect of damage, annoyance or abuse to any Sunshine Travel representative, they will be asked to leave the accommodation.

Accommodation Fixtures, Fittings and Use:
Some of the Sunshine travel properties have televisions. Often, local or ‘free’ satellite channels will be available. We will try our best to ensure that you have a choice of channels available but cannot guarantee which ones these will be. Some villas have a telephone for local calls only. Greek phones are often unreliable and it can take a while for a repair to be made. Those that do and develop a fault can sometimes take a long time to repair and do not form part of our contract with you. We do not offer compensation if a telephone is not working and we would advise you to take a mobile telephone with you. Occasionally a fixture or fitting in a property may require servicing or repair. Sunshine Travel cannot be held responsible for loss of use while a repair is being undertaken.

Travel Insurance :
Sunshine Travel does not offer travel insurance. You are required to take out your own travel insurance.

Accommodation Safety :
If you have children in your party, before booking accommodation with Sunshine Travel, please submit questions via email that will help you choose a villa that is most suitable for your needs. Sunshine Travel will be pleased to answer your questions or concerns. Despite Sunshine Travel’s efforts and advice given, it is ultimately your responsibility for the care and safety of the members of your group. No accommodation can be considered perfectly child safe. Some properties may have low walls, steps inside and out of the property, night balconies with railings.