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Blue Lagoon

Enjoy yourself by a day boat trip to the Greek mainland of Epirus (opposite Kavos) at the Islands of Nea Sivota and not only!

Departing from Corfu´s harbour, enjoy a unique view of the old town, the Royal palace, and the two Venetian fortresses. Heading towards the south of Corfu you will see the Kanoni peninsula and the palace of Mon Repos where Prince Phillip from England was born. Then you will sail southeast and pass parallel from Igoumenitsa, which is the capital city of Thesprotia and the third International port in size in Greece.
The first stop is at the traditional marina village of Plataria that attracts dozens of yachts during the summer season. There you will have plenty of time to stroll along the village, to visit local shops and people, or to have a drink in one of the traditional cafeterias under the shadow of Plane trees.


The next stop is at at the picturesque bay of “Piscine” where the famous film “Blue Lagoon” was filmed. Old historians say that there in the Middle Ages Arabian pirates´ ships used to moor close to this bay. You will stay there on anchor for one hour and you will have the opportunity to swim at the exotic blue waters of the Blue Lagoon or to try your luck at champagne diving.  Leaving behind this exotic place and in a while the ship will enter the breathtaking cave of Sivota. There during the Second World War the Greek Sub Marine was hiding underneath the lighthouse, mostly known “Papanikolis”.
The next destination is the traditional village port of Sivota where there is plenty of time to stroll along the village, to explore the local shops and to enjoy your lunch in one of the traditional taverns of it. (Lunch is included).
On the way back the boat sails around the historical small islands of Sivota, where they´re in the summer of 432 B.C. the greatest Naval Battle took place so the Second Peloponnesian War began that lasted for 30 years. Still, today many of the sunken vessels of that period relies remain at the bottom of the sea.
During the boat trip refreshments are available at the board bar. Ouzo for the adults and a soft drink for the kids, are included in the price.

Needed items

Waterproof camera, video camera, swimming suit, mask, towel, sun oil, glasses, hat, comfortable shoes or sandals.