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Corfu Guide

map-greece1Corfu is one of the 7 islands of the Ionian sea, located to the North of the Ionian Sea at the entrance of Adriatica. It is the second largest after Kephalonia. It has an area of 592 square kilometers and its length measures 60 chilometers. Evergreen and with beautiful bays, sandy beaches and mountain mainland( three peaks: Pantokrator 914 meters, Stravoskiadi 849 meters and Vigla 782 meters) it offers perfect variety of all kind of holidays.
The summer is hot and the winter mild and humade
The total rainfall is 1260mm, among the largest in Greece, usually from November to February.

The island has a mild climate which is not very cold in winter and with some humidity in summer. Because of the abundant rainfall and the humidity, there is a lot of vegetation.

The tourism is the main economic resource of the island. Agricultural production is small. The main products are olive oil, wine, vegetables and the Japanese Kumquat fruit.

The population of Corfu is around 110,000. About a third live in the town of Corfu.

The island took its name from the nymph Corkira. The foreign name Corfu means town on the peaks. This is because the new town was created in the old fortress on two peaks.